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Cleared Recruiters, LLC has successfully performed cleared recruiting in support of US Intelligence, Homeland Security, FBI, Justice and DoD programs for the last 15 years.

Utilizing a combined database of nearly 100,000 cleared resources our state-of-the-art applicant tracking technology identifies, recruits, and tracks candidates with the push of a button.  Spidering many electronic sources it continually collects and aggregates prime candidates and assigns them to open jobs.  Our unique recruitment methodology, honed from the best practices of some of the best government recruiting firms, delivers market-leading results.  Our submissions to interview ratio is 50% and even better, our interview to hire rate is 50%.  Our average fill time with a poly-level cleared role is 28 days.  

We are a consolidation of former government recruitment firms (e.g. the Buller Group, LLC) that is rebranded under Cleared Recruiters, LLC.



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