When partnering with Cleared Recruiters (CR), a Client not only gets a world-class Recruiter, it also gains access to all CR recruiting assets.  Some examples of these assets include: recruiters use of a Sourcing Center, numerous job boards, job postings, marketing of roles, access to an applicant tracking system and 100,000 cleared resumes, market leading submission-to-hire rates, and the most successful proven cleared recruiting track record in the business.




Small bundled search (5 or more roles)


The Problem: Clients have difficult-to-fill roles or have an ongoing need of certain skills. These roles, which often make up less than 20% of a companies required personnel, can absorb 80% of a the available time and resources.

The Solution: Cleared Recruiters (CR) provides a Container Search service that combines retained search and contingent search. CR provides a retainer for each position and a percentage of salary on the back end, which keeps both cost and risk low for the Client.

How It Works: Typically, CR will charge $5,000 for each role, with a minimum of 3 roles. Back end fees typically represent 20% of first-year salary, with discounts available for large-scale projects. 

Success Story: A Top 10 government contractor was having difficulty filling certain full-scope polygraph roles. CR accelerated their success by filling 10 positions within the first 90 days. The Client was so pleased they engaged CR again to help fill another 10 positions.

Outsourced Recruiting (minimum of 4 months)


The Problem: Many firms, particularly those experiencing rapid growth, have a need for ongoing recruitment support. Open positions pile up and recruiting takes up more and more valuable time and resources.

The Solution: Cleared Recruiters (CR) offers its Recruitment Outsourcing Center (ROC) service, that is specifically tailored to dynamic, rapid-growth firms. CR provides a ‘cloud-based’ recruitment center complete with senior recruiters, a recruitment sourcing center, full database, job boards, applicant tracking system, specific technologies to support job spidering, along with a collection of candidates.

How it Works: Starting at a monthly rate of $15,000/month for a minimum of 4 months, Clients can expect to see solid candidate flow (submissions, interviews, hires) that can be scaled to generate up to 10 hires. The cost-per-hire (CPH) numbers are extremely competitive, which frees up the critical resources needed to remain focused on big picture growth strategies. 

Success Stories: A Top 10 government contractor had some ongoing cleared roles they were having trouble filling. It was clear that the Client needed a specialized recruitment team to fill these critical and difficult roles. CR setup a Recruitment Outsourcing Center (ROC) and co-sourced alongside of their recruiting team, filling 7 roles in 6 months. That firm ended up engaging CR for a large enterprise solution.

Proposal Support (15 or more roles)


The Problem: Preparing bids that involve personnel requirements can be extremely challenging. Typical requirements include: identifying qualified, highly cleared candidates; arranging and placing screening calls; obtaining attestation statements; formatting resumes; and obtaining Letters of Intent (LOI's). Every step is critical and usually turnaround time is tight.

The Solution: Cleared Recruiters (CR) offers Post and Pre-Award services (PPA) to help Clients fill all of their bid-roles. The CR system of service is unique within the industry, leveraging a proven methodology and highly refined database. CR has won over 80% of bids submitted.

How It Works: PPA projects require a minimum of at least 15 roles. Pricing ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 per candidate supplied, including resume and executed LOI. Extremely short turnaround times are a CR specialty -  our rapid-response “Tiger Team” can typically fill roles in 24-48 hours.

Success Stories: CR helped a Top 20 defense contractor supply 100% of the personnel for a bid in Afghanistan. Within 20 days, CR supplied 156 cleared resources with signed LOI’s.

Large Enterprise Recruitment (minimum of 6 months)


Cleared Recruiters (CR) are on-site with the Client utilizing world-class recruitment methodologies to fill critical positions.

Examples of Positions Filled:

  • Technical Consultant
  • Network Engineer - Mobility Analyst
  • Forensic Engineer
  • Linguist
  • Programmer
  • Help Desk Manager - Technical Support
  • Systems Security Engineer
  • Sr. Programmer Analyst
  • Sr. Systems Engineer
  • Principal Computer Systems Engineer
  • Sr. Software Engineer
  • OPNAV Action Officer
  • Technical Writer
  • Network Architect Specialist
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Collections Analyst
  • Application Test Engineer
  • CyberSecurity Engineer
  • Software Engineer C#.Net
  • Tier II Network Analyst
  • CyberSecurity Engineer
  • Infrastructure Design Engineer
  • Systems Architect
  • Assessment Eval & Analyst Engineer
  • IV&V Test Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Tech Development Engineer
  • Technical Services/Specialist
  • EVM PM
  • Principal Engineer
  • Chief Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Network Architect
  • Systems Administrator
  • Military Force Analyst
  • Naval Analyst
  • Database Developer
  • Engineer
  • Sr. Web Developer
  • Contracts Manager
  • Six Sigma MBB